Several years ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to earn extra money.  At the time I was employed full time as a software developer at a good, well paying job.  The problem was that someone else decided how much money I earned and how much time I spent at work.  I wanted to have the freedom to earn extra money when I wanted it or take it easy when I needed a break.

I did a lot of research and found many options available but few that were low investment, low risk, and that I could take on in my spare time.  Online marketing seemed the most accessible and easiest to get started in.  I was also attracted to the internet as a way to make money because I have a background in computers.  I thought my existing skills would give me an edge in the online market.  I was a bit disappointed at first since there is no need for technical skills in online marketing.

I have no background or experience in sales, marketing, promotion, or any other related skills.  I came into this industry with a willingness to learn and a willingness to apply the knowledge I gained and that has made all the difference.

My first project involved setting up a personal development website. Over the course of about a year I wrote approximately 100 pages of unique, quality content and waited for the money to roll in. Of course, it didn’t. I had a handful of visitors and no real way of earning money. After a while, and some haphazard efforts, my traffic increased to over 1000 visitors a month. My income soared to just under five dollars a month. A whole 10 dollars short of my monthly hosting bill. Clearly I was missing something.

Over time I tried many things until I eventually found the training resources that gave me the missing pieces. You see, my initial efforts were not incorrect, they were just lacking a few key elements that are necessary to earn real money online. Once everything was in place the process of earning money online become much more straight forward.

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