What is Internet Marketing?

In the most general sense, internet marketing is simple the process of promoting a product or service on the internet.  The form of internet marketing that most people engage in is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting an existing product on behalf of someone else.  When someone purchases the product you are promoting then you get a commission.  By repeating this process it is possible to make large amounts of money.

What is residual, or passive, income?

Residual income is money that requires a certain amount of effort upfront but eventually pays you long after you stop working.  For example, when an author writes a book it requires a lot of effort.  After the book is published the author will receive royalty checks of years to come.  The same idea applies to making money online.  You put in effort and increase your income over time.  Eventually you can reduce the amount of effort you put in and you will continue to receive money.

Can anyone make money on the internet?

Absolutely anyone can learn to make money on the internet.  There is a learning curve (which is true when learning anything new) but it is not overly complex and there are many tools available which make the process easier.  Furthermore, if you have a support group around you (which I recommend) there will always be someone to ask for help.

Is it realistic to make money online working part time?

Definitely.  That’s how I do it.  In fact, many internet marketing techniques are best done a little bit at a time.  Doing too much too fast too soon can backfire on you and undermine your efforts.  The key is to apply the principles that are known to work consistently over time.

Do I need any technical knowledge?

I set up this website with the click of a button.  Well, a few clicks, but I didn’t need any special knowledge and I definitely didn’t need to write any code.  The tools that are available these days makes working online very easy.

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