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Google EditionsFor affiliate marketers, promoting a reputable supplier is always a plus.  This is why the soon-to-be-available Google Editions online bookstore is good news.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is set to launch its online store that makes digital books available from Google as well as other independent suppliers.  This service will be competing directly with the likes of and Apple’s iBookStore.

Details are still sketchy about the affiliate program and what percentages they will be offering.  It also isn’t clear if Google will be offering this through the Google Affiliate Network or not.  If so, you may have to first qualify before you can participate.

While books generally have lower commissions relative to other affiliate products, their affordable price makes them an easy buy for many.  Furthermore, digital book sales are increasing year over year and are expected to reach $966 million this year (an increasing part of the ever expanding online market).  This represents a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers who promote books.

With the initial launch Google Editions will only be available in the US.  However, they intend to go international shortly thereafter – sometime in the beginning of 2011.  With a worldwide market, digital delivery, and reading device independence this will make Google Editions the most accessible book affiliate program available.

This can be good news for those who publish their own book as well.  If you sell your own e-book on your website you will be able to make this available through Google Editions.  This will provide a more secure and trusted purchasing process as well as make your book available for others to promote and sell.

With the launch date likely being later this month I will be keeping an eye on this.  When Google Editions launches I will report all the details here.  Be sure to subscribe to my feed and check back for more information.

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