How can I make money online?

I want to start this blog off with a post addressing one of the biggest topics of this website’s theme: how to make money online part time.

Many people ask “how can I make money online?” In fact, this subject is the basis for many of the most common internet search queries these days. Everyone is looking for a way to earn more money and many people are turning online to find a solution.

Why is this?

When faced with the financial squeeze there are two options: cut back on spending or increase your income. I know one of the most common recommendations out there is ‘live within your means’ and ‘learn to do without’. While this is excellent advice I think most of us already do the best we can. These leaves the second option – increase your income.

And this is what leads people to ask “how can I make money online?”

There are, in fact, many ways to make money online.

The internet is a place of information. People go to the internet to learn about things, to research things, and in many cases, to eventually buy things. Making money on the internet often involves being a part of this process – supplying information, helping people make buying decisions, and ultimately, leading them to the product they want.

I want to show you a few ways you can get involved in the typical online experience and make money while you are at it. Here are a few common methods:

Sell advertising – This is one of the easiest online income producing activities you can do. You start with a website, such as a blog, then put Google ads on it (this is a free service offered by Google). When someone clicks on an ad on your site then Google pays you money. Google is just one of many companies that offer a service like this.

Sell a product – You can either sell your own product (such as an e-book or a physical product) or you can sell someone else’s product for a commission. Selling products for commission is one of the most popular and lucrative ways to make money online. There are many services out there that offer commission based products (for example Amazon or clickbank). The task here is to help connect people looking for the product with the product itself. Many people find that this is the answer to the question “how can I make money online?”

Lead generation – there are many companies that require leads in order to do business. These companies will pay money for the contact information of interested people. To profit from this you need to find people who are looking for a certain product or service and have them submit their information to your website.

Cost per action – This involves getting paid for getting someone to perform an action such as fill out a survey, fill in a questionnaire, or perform some other action.

These are just a few of the many ways to answer the question “how can I make money online?” Furthermore, all of these approaches require the same skill set to be profitable. Once you know the skills and techniques you can pursue any, or all, of these projects.

Wait, skill set?

First I would like to say that you do not need to learn anything technical. You don’t need to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, website design, or anything else of this nature. All of these things are easily taken care of with easy to use tools such as WordPress.

What you do need to learn is how to find the people that want what you offer. This typically comes down to proper research and well placed online information.

I’m not going to cover how you do this here – I just wanted to answer the question “how can I make money online”. I will be covering these topics and more elsewhere on this blog.

If you are eager to get started learning these skills and making money I recommend the training offered by Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn more about them by reading my review.

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