Make Money With Videos

With video production and distribution being so accessible these days, anyone can take advantage of this platform for profit. There are several ways to use videos in the online marketplace. If you enjoy making videos then you will be able to take advantage of at least one of the following ideas.

Drive traffic to your website

Video content is one of the most popular ways that people engage with online media these days. When you look at the view statistics for online video sites like YouTube it isn’t hard to see that videos are extremely popular. Not only are videos popular, they also rank well in the search engines. If you already make money with a blog or website you can drive traffic to your site by creating videos that target topics of interest to your target market to attract viewers and encourage them to visit your website.

Create compelling and engaging content

As mentioned above, people love watching videos. Since many people enjoy consuming information in video form, if you provide your site visitors with video information they may be more likely to visit your site than a competitor that only provides text.

Build a relationship with your target market

People who watch your videos get to know you better – they see what you look like, hear what you sound like, and can get an overall sense of the person behind the website. The kind of personal touch can help you connect with your audience and build rapport and trust which in turn increases the chance that people will return to your site, trust your recommendations, and purchase your products.

YouTube video rental

If you are able to produce videos that people are willing to pay for you can take advantage of YouTube video rentals. This is a new feature and only in beta form at the time of writing this. Since YouTube is the worlds most popular video platform you have access to a huge audience worldwide.

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