Make Money Part Time Action Plan

If you want to make some money in your spare time then the most important skill you need to develop is how to manage your time.  But before you can manage your time you need to have a clear picture of what you want to do with your time.  This is why goal setting is an important part of time management.

Know what you want

For the purposes of this website I’m going to assume that one of your goals is to make money online.  This is an excellent goal but having it does not lend itself to proper time management – in fact it does the opposite.

The problem is ‘make money online’ is not something you can schedule.  You need to break this goal down into sub-goals, and break those goals down even further until you arrive at a concrete plan of action.

Make money online action plan

Here is a sample action plan to get started making money online.  The bullet points are goals and sub-goals.  The numbered points are the actionable items that you would follow to achieve the goal.

  • Learn online marketing
    • Read about different techniques and strategies related to online marketing
      1. Find resources about online marketing and read them
      2. As you become more familiar with the material choose a topic and dive into it
      3. Join Wealthy Affiliate for their training resources and tools
    • Connect with people who already do online marketing
      1. Make a list of questions to ask which aren’t already addressed in the training material
      2. Find people to ask – forums, websites, etc.
    • Develop your own unique approach to online marketing
  • Choose a product and a niche
  • Choose a marketing method: PPC, article marketing, social marketing, etc.
  • Set up a website
  • Set up your mailing list
    • Register with an email manager such as AWeber.
    • Create your auto-responder sequence.
    • Add signup forms to your website
  • Implement your marketing method and continue adding content

Schedule your tasks

The above steps are far from detailed.  This is because your plan will be unique to you.  It is up to you to fill in the blanks.  And filling in the blanks should be the first thing you do to get started.

Once you know what steps you need to take you can schedule them in whatever time you have available to work on your money making activities.  As you complete them cross them off your list.  Remember to be realistic and don’t over schedule yourself.

If you ever find yourself not sure what to do next then consult your action plan.  If your action plan doesn’t have a concrete next step to do then spend some time working on your action plan filling in the next pieces.  If there is a concrete step there then get started now.

You will find that you will spend your time going back and forth between planning your next steps and implementing them.  This is normal but don’t get too absorbed in your planning – focus on your income producing activities as much as possible.

Final words

Making money online requires a lot of ongoing consistent effort.  While it is possible to make money online part time you still need to commit to working on it every day if possible.  This will likely require some sacrifice on your part but in the long run you stand to benefit in ways that aren’t currently available to you and possibly in ways you can’t even imagine.

I will end here with one of my favorite quotes regarding this:

I do today what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t

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