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Finding quality training for learning how to market yourself in the search engines can be challenging.  The internet is full of get rich quick schemes, over-hyped tools, and over-priced e-books.  This can leave you wondering if it is possible to find real, practical, search engine marketing training that will give you the principles, tools, and support you need to succeed online.  There are several things you should look for when assessing a marketing course which I will cover here.

Large Training Library

If you want to learn anything you need access to information, and search engine marketing is no different.  Search engine marketing covers many topics including:

  • writing landing pages
  • setting up websites
  • email marketing
  • how to do market research
  • how to find proper keywords
  • understanding the buying process
  • PPC advertising
  • SEO and getting ranked in the search engines
  • avoiding common pitfalls
  • and many, many more.

A good course should include abundant training materials that cover a wide range of topics that is geared toward beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Access to Tools

Because of the nature of online marketing, you will need tools to help you do anything from research your target market to help you set up your website.  A good search engine marketing training course will not only include information on how to use these tools but will also include tools for you to use as you are studying and applying the techniques you are learning.  Tools to look for include:

  • Keyword research
  • Content management
  • Competition research
  • Website design

If a course doesn’t offer at least some of these tools you won’t be learning everything necessary to succeed.


While internet marketing is accessible to anyone regardless of background, there are still many speed bumps along the way that can derail your efforts.  Sometimes all that is needed is a guiding hand or encouraging word to help you through some of these challenges.  Other times you will need access to an expert who has the experience and knowledge to help you overcome a significant hurdle. This is why any search engine marketing training program should provide both support from industry leaders as well as a community that allows you to interact with others who are learning the same things that you are.

There are many training programs available online but there is only one that I have found that excels in all these areas and more.  Wealthy Affiliates has been around for many years and has built a huge library of training resources, has the tools you need to succeed, and provides a thriving members only community in which people of all levels participate – from the most beginner to the most advanced.

If your goal is to find the search engine marketing training that will help you develop the skills needed to market your products and services in the search engine it is important that you avoid all the misleading and incomplete information out there.  With proper training in search engine marketing you will find your online efforts will be rewarded with a successful online business.

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